What can I eat instead of turkey on Thanksgiving that would be more sustainable?



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    You can eat tofurkey or soy based products that are sustainable foods. Also, meatless sides can be made along with with a fake meat turkey to round out a very healthy and sustainable meal. Refer to this link for more helpful information and links: http://dir.yahoo.com/thespark/4233/the-meatless-thanksgiving-feast/

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    I completely agree. The best way is to eat anything vegetarian. It is best for the environment as it takes far less energy to make, and you get the most energy out of it.

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    Eat all of your favorite (vegetarian, preferably) sides! Most people love the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffings, etc more than they love the turkey itself. Vegetable soups and stews can also be a very hearty entree. Shop for your ingredients at health stores where you can get organic produce and farmers’ markets that reduce the carbon footprint even further.

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