What can I do when driving to conserve gas?



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    When thinking about conserving gas, think of everything relative to these things: acceleration, drag, weight, and stopping. It sounds a bit like the four factors when flying a plane, but it all ties in. Many of the same points are covered above, but it is best to understand why. When accelerating, do it at a steady constant speed rather than a sudden pedal-to-the-metal sort, because that uses more energy than the gradual escalation. Decreasing wind resistance can really help, cause it keeps the car streamlined. The engine then doesn’t have to fight this opposing force resistance to move forward, which would otherwise use more energy. A heavy car, or things that weigh a car down, will make the engine also work harder to get a car up to speed than lighter cars. This why lightweight cars will accelerate faster than bigger ones; the only way for a heavier car to match is to increase the power and size of the engine, which in turn uses more energy to match the lighter car. Lastly, braking hard and often will use up more gas, because it takes more energy to stop the vehicle in motion than to move it forward. A gradual break over a longer distance will put less strain on the vehicle to stop, and ultimately use less energy to do so.   

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