What can I do to stop this?

How do these people sleep at night.??? IGNORANT, HILLBILLIES. … No better than a serial KILLER. Who is responsible for declawing an pulling out the teeth of these bears.? May these men live through the same terror as they they bestow on these animals.
TRAINING DOGS TO DO WHAT? Be as stupid as their owners?



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    If you are a resident of South Carolina, you can write to your state senator or representative and demand that they make bear baying illegal. South Carolina does not use the initiative and referendum process, so you can’t directly propose a law to ban the practice yourself. However, if you are not in South Carolina or no one in the legislature is responding to you, you can sign on to the Humane Society’s petition to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to ban the practice, and encourage your friends to as well.

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    The spread of information will also help bring a stop to this. The more people that know about it, the harder it will be for this to carry on. 

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