What can I do at school to make it a greener place?



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    You can start a recycling program. Talk to the administration and ask if you can get recycling bins set up in every classroom, bathroom, kitchen and room.
    You could suggest changing all light bulbs to CFL or LED light bulbs to save energy and money.
    A lot of school are also putting in solar systems on their roof for educational purposes. For example a school in Louisiana put in a small 1kw system on the roof of the science hall to use for educational purposes, to teach the students about renewable energy. A great place to go to get a grant to help you achieve this is through http://www.need.org.

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    I would also suggest turning off the lights when a room or bathroom is not in use. Another idea is starting a school compost–add a compost bin to the trash and recycling bins in the cafeteria.

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