what can i do with sawdust



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    I have chickens, and I use sawdust to line their coop. It cuts down on the smell and composts easily when combined with chicken manure. If you have a friend with chickens, see if you can offer him/her sawdust in exchange for eggs. I give my friends extra eggs all the time, and all they give me in return is empty egg cartons! If I had a friend who gave me sawdust, I would be so happy!

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    There are quite a few uses for sawdust.  They include: using in a compost pile, to reduce soil erosion, if it’s walnut sawdust you can use it as an herbicide, to fire raku ceramics, use for traction on snowy sidewalks.  There are many more uses on the link I have attached.  Just be sure that if the sawdust is from wood that was treated to not use it in composts.  

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    Because it’s so absorbent it’s great for cat litter boxes, chicken coops, stables, even outhouses.  Its ability to absorb also makes it great for cleaning up spills or even mopping a dirty floor.  Saw dust can also be composted, used as mulch, or used as grit on a slippery driveway.

    If you do a lot of diy, saw dust works great as a wood filler, when mixed with glue, and you can also make fire starters with it by mixing saw dust and wax.

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