What can I do with REALLY OLD college textbooks….and old books, in general that won’t be wanted at a library or resale bookstore?



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    I am in college right now, and trust me I know the feeling.  Its like, I bought the book from you for a lot of money and suddenly you just don’t want it bacK???????  

    One thing you could do is Goodwill or Salvation Army.  They will take anything.

    HOWEVER>>> if you want make some bank off of it put it on Ebay or Amazon.  Chances are there is someone else in this world who will need that book too.  

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         When I worked in a college bookstore, we had a donation bin set up so people could donate the old textbooks we weren’t buying back to a literacy charity. You could see if your bookstore has one as well. Otherwise, like keithplya said, Goodwill or Amazon are good options.

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    Check Earth911.org for a book recycling location near you.

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    If the book is so old and raggedy, falling apart and no one will accept it, you should be able to throw it into your recycling bin or take it to your local recycle center.  They are supposed to recycle books.

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