What can I do with old prescription bottles?



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    Some people have reused them in very creative ways. Below are links describing the many ways to reuse the bottles. (Hold coins, gum, storing seeds, turning it into a rattle, etc.) 

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    There are many uses for empty perception bottles. Check out the link for more information.  

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    Unfortunately most recycling centers to not accept these types of bottles (unless you have recycling that accepts all resin codes).  In general, it seems that companies want bottles with necks, leaving a lot of plastics that cannot be recycled.  If you have the passion you could try to start lobbying to increase the number of resin codes your community accepts, or even try to bring them to the pharmacy for your refill (I’m not sure if they would accept them, but it is worth a shot, particularly if you are just having the same medication put back in).  Lastly, it seems like vet clinics, free clinics and religious missions accept these types of items for donations. 

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