What can I do with old peanut shells?



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    Just like other plant waste, fruits, and vegetables, peanut shells are compostable. Dry materials like this are good to add to wet compost such as vegetables and fruit waste because it adds volume. This is important to keep the compost from collapsing, and also adds carbon. 

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    One thing you can try is make a craft out of them. If you have kids then you could click on the first link below and it will take you to a site that has instructions for making little peanut shell people. Another thing you can try is composting them. You can put them in a compost pile or bury them in your yard to add nutrients to the soil.

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    One creative and useful way I’ve found to reuse peanut shells in addition to the previous posts is peanut shell charcoal. I’ve posted the link below. Since peanut shells are rather burn-resistant, compared to the actual peanut; the shells work well as a potential alternative to charcoal. The article recommends saving up a bunch till you’ve filled a large paper bag. When you have enough, throw them in your grill and have a barbecue!Peanut shell charcoal

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    Well, they ARE edible. 

    If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can actually make your own kitty litter using peanut shells.  Some kitty litters already use peanut shells as a base product, and they’re also found in soap, cosmetics, wallboard, plastics and linoleum.

    To make your own litter, soak the shells in water with dish soap, then let them dry and sprinkle them with baking soda.  Voila!

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    Peanut shells make a great composting material since they absorb moisture, odors, and keep fruits and veggies from becoming slimy.  Peanut shells can also be a great craft item for children.  Take some markers and glue and you can make a peanut family or use them as siding in a popsicle house.  Industrially, peanut shells are also used in linoleums, as fillers in pet foods, or in drywall and paper products.

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