What can I do with old lint from my dryer?



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    I found a website with some recommendations for dryer lint use.  They include making crafts, using it as fire starter, using the lint to make paper pulp, and making clay from the lint.  Check out their website if you would like more details or additional ideas.


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    There are a couple of useful things that you can use with your old lint. One is that they can be safely disposed in your compost bin or sprinkled in the garden. If you have birds or squirrels, set the lint in the branches of the trees so it can be used as nesting material. Using your old lint to make a campfire is also a practical way to get rid of old dryer lint. Dryer lint can be also used for a variety of art projects from handmade papers, to sculptures. They can be used to add texture, colors, and fibers. You can also use lint to plug up gaps between windows of gardening sheds and other buildings. This would help in keeping down the draftiness and keep out the winter cold. 

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    Making paper pulp is a good suggestion and a very fun project for children!  You might also collect it and try using it as stuffing for products such as pillows or alternatively utilizing it as a fire starter; however be careful burning frequently can lead to atmospheric emissions that are unhealthy, probably unhealthier than throwing the lint away.  In the end, the best scenario is to eliminate dryer lint altogether, try hang drying your clothes through purchasing a drying rack or clothesline.  This also reduces energy usage, during the summer month especially, since you are not having to run your dryer.

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