What can I do with my used kitty litter?



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    If you own a kitten (or adult counterpart) like I do, you know how much litter you can go through in a month’s time.  If you are wondering how you may be able to recycle or reuse your litter to avoid waste, there are definitely options!  Firstly, if you are looking to be environmentally friendly then definitely go for litters made out of natural materials such as pine or corn (World’s Best Cat Litter is a good one).  These are very environmentally friendly and can easily be added to a compost pile or used as mulch.  If for some crazy reason you aren’t using an environmentally friendly product (yet), there are some other things you can do with your kitty litter.  Try spreading left over litter in your garage under your car to absorb dripping oil or using it to even out uneven ground in your front or backyard.

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