What can I do at my school to be green?



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    Basically, you can do most of the same things that you’d do at your house to be green. I’m not really the sort of person who starts clubs or movements, I prefer to lead (quietly) by example. So the things I do (also I’m kind of assuming that your “school” is a high school…hopefully I’m not so wrong that you can’t get anything from my answer):

    -Turn off the lights when you leave somewhere, even if its a public place. I always turn off the lights in public bathrooms if there’s no one else in there when I leave.
    -RECYCLE. If there’s no recycling at your school, then take it home. Let people see you do it. Be that weirdo who picks pop cans out of the trash and takes them somewhere to recycle.

    In a high school, its more about making a statement.

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    Ask your teachers to print as infrequently as possible, and if they do, print on both sides of the paper.

    Advocate to your school administration to use water efficient equipment in your facilities.

    Get an energy audit of your school.

    Use as much natural light coming in from the windows as possible. Maybe use dimmers for the lights, or be able to control different sets of lights so you could have some on and some off in the classroom.

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