What can I do with my old clothes hangers?



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    A recurring answer that I have come across for this issue is donating old clothes hangers to Goodwill. I would suggest giving hangers to charitable organizations as well. Some recycling services allow you to recycle clothes hangers, but other sources state that it should not be done. What I have read at the citation below is that you should consult the recycling center nearest you, though a donation to a charitable organization would most likely be better appreciated.

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    First identify what material the hangers are made of. if they r made of metal or plastic there is a great chance that if they reach scrap dealer they wil be recycled. If the hangers r made of wood pls find a NGO’s who can reuse them to create some kind of gift or decorative articles. please do not dispose them in trash. Lot of NGO’s are involved in training special children and needy individuals and constantly need different kind of materials for the same. 

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