What can I do with my old cardboard?



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    Recycling your cardboard is an easy way to help the environment. The types of cardboard that can be recycled are flat cardboard (which is found in cereal and shoe boxes) and corrugated cardboard (which is found in packing boxes, and contains a ruffled layer between two flat pieces of cardboard). You can recycle these types of cardboard as long as they have not been stained with food or any type of oil. If you have any cardboard boxes, be sure to flatten them before recycling, or take them to a supermarket where they will be accepted as is. It’s also a good idea to check with your local recycling program to make sure your cardboard can be recycled.

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    If a recycling facility does not exist in your area, see if a neighbor with children would like it to use as a fort or other playhouse.  At least it would be reused if only for a short time before being trashed.

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    Im wondering how you make paper?

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    We run BoxCycle, an online marketplace for used boxes.  If your boxes are in useable condition, you can use BoxCycle to sell them to other people in your community.

    Local resuse is the best thing you can do for the environment.

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    If you want to get creative, you can even make furniture out of your old cardboard.  Look for some fun ideas here.

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    Recycle it! cardboard should be separated into distinct piles, one for flat cardboard, one for corrugated cardboard, and another for coated cardboard. Flat cardboard is contained in cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard has two layers with a ruffled layer in between It’s used in the packaging of fragile objects. Coated cardboard is found in juice containers. After you’ve created your piles, contact your local recycling center or government for information on the recycling and pick up of cardboard waste. 

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    Check out this truly amazing street art by Yaron in the Czech Republic:






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