What can I do with my class to show them the importance of the environment?



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    One thing my teacher did was take our Environmental Science class to a local wetland to observe the animals. The birds, plants and fish that live in these areas are diverse and can be very exotic to students. After we became somewhat attached to the scenery, but teacher pointed out that the wetlands we were currently standing on had been about 75 percent larger with 1,000s more animals before we industrialized and built on top of it. Though it was a bit of a scare tactic, we were in high school, so old enough not to freak out. Basically my point is, if you can find an area or topic about the environment that interests your students, and it will definitely vary from kid to kid, show them up close how amazing these things are and let them know the damage we have caused. Also make sure to let them know it’s possible to restore these habitats as long as we properly respect the planet.

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