What can I do to make this earth day better than all the ones before?



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    What did you do for the past earth days?  You could organize friends to clean up a local beach or park and then have a picnic of locally grown foods.  You could pledge to avoid using any energy.  Or take a green vacation.  Find something you are passionate about, educating, service, or exploring and go for it.

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    GET INVOLVED!  Earth Day is over so you now have about a year to plan.  Find an event that you actually believe in and that you can put 100% passion into,

    OR even better, CREATE A NEW EVENT!  Hold an event in your community to help get others involved too.  The more the merrier when it comes to Earth Day.  Even the biggest conservative who doesn’t believe in global warming should participate in Earth Day (it focuses on much more after all)

    but the MOST important is to have fun!  Enjoy what you are doing.  Saving the Earth can seem like a big task sometimes…..perhaps all the time, BUT if people are not having fun doing it, it will never get done 

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