What can I do with the leaves that I am going to be cleaning up in a month or two?



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    Composting leaves is the most eco-friendly option. Dry leaves alone will take a long time to break down, but mixing in green plant materials, such as grass trimmings, will speed up the process. Sources of nitrogen, such as livestock manure or commercial fertilizer, will also help. By mixing the pile occasionally, it will keep a good supply of air in the compost.

    Another option is to shred leaves for use as mulch for your lawn or to help protect garden and landscape plants.

    As to using leaves as mulch for your lawn, it is just a simple matter of mowing right over the leaves with the lawnmower and leaving them there. As with leaves used for garden mulch, this will provide many benefits, including weed suppression, moisture conservation and moderation of soil temperature.

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    Composting is a great option. Your city may also have a leaf pickup service on certain dates during the fall. You will need to check with your local waste department. Leaf removal services typically require you to use brown paper bags, which are available at home and garden stores.

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