What can I do to keep woodpeckers from pecking the side of my house?



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    This can actually be a hard thing to do without harming the bird. When trying these methods, please be careful. Not only is it simply wrong to injure the bird, but woodpeckers are protected and there are often $500 fines associated with killing them wrongfully.

    – Remove any insects that are living in/around your house that typically wouldn’t be there (carpenter bees or ants are examples). The woodpeckers may be coming to eat them, so they probably won’t stick around if they don’t have something to eat.
    – Put up a suet feeder to get them away from the house (at least for a little while).
    – Try a visual deterrent like a fake hawk near where the woodpeckers peck your house.
    – The next step if these haven’t worked yet is audible deterrents – you can buy some pretty sophisticated ones.
    – Netting over the area where the birds are landing.

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