What can I do to keep from dry-cleaning my clothes?



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    There are several environmentally friendly options that can help you to avoid going to a traditional dry cleaner. The biggest environmental problem with dry cleaners is that they use a chemical that has been shown to have highly negative impact on both the environment and on people.

    However, there are more and more progressive or green dry cleaners that use different, more environmentally safe, ways to cleaning clothes; high-pressure cleaning using liquid carbon dioxide; silicone-based cleaners (known as GreenEarth cleaning); and high-tech, computer-controlled wet washing are some of the options.

    Also, you could try to steam away dirt and odors by placing the delicate clothes in the dryer with a damp towel.

    If you are willing to take some risks with you nicer clothes, you could try washing them yourself. Many modern washers have cycles that are gentle enough to be safe for delicate items like cashmere.

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