What can I do to increase the amount of oxygen that I can take into my lungs?



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    Deep breathing exercises, exercising in water, and learning to play a wind instrument are all excellent ways to increase your lung capacity. Please follow the ling for more suggesitons.

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    Aerobic cardio exercises in general will increase lung capacity and oxygen uptake. Also training at altitude will force the your lungs to take in more oxygen with each breath as there is less in the air at altitude. Simply taking deeper breaths and holding them in longer will also slightly increase your capacity. There are products that provide breathing resistance avaiable for purchase online. The effectiveness of these products often has yet to be verified with studies, but from personal experience they did increase my lung capacity, but I used them in conjunction with cardio exercise.

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    If you are a smoker, you will increase your oxygen capacity if you quit smoking. Combine this will aerobic exercise and deep-breathing exercises and you will soon notice a difference. Even something as simple as walking and climbing stairs will help your breathing.

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