What can I do to help the Tigers fight extinction?



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    There is probably very little you can physically do personally that directly is helping tigers unless you can find a conservation organization that is looking for help.  However, you can donate money to organizations that are working to save tigers.  Also, you can set up fundraisers to raise money for these organizations if you personally do not have the funds to donate.  I attached a link with a bunch of a conservation organizations that you can donate to.

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    Another thing is to make sure you aren’t buying anything that contains tiger parts. Traditional Chinese medicine uses tiger bones, and sometimes their skins are used for rugs or clothes. Another thing you can do is buy only forest-friendly products since tigers are mainly suffering due to habitat destruction.

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    There are many organizations that are studying and trying to protect tigers. You could donate money or offer to volunteer for the organization. You can help spread the word about their cause via email or the Internet, which applications like Facebook.

    Education is a very important key. Learn facts about why tigers are endangered and then share them with family and friends. Encourage people to donate to organizations working to save tigers.

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