What can I do to help stop genetically modified fish? And if it is approved, how can I help make sure there are labeling rules in place?



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    Other than you petitioning against this, you’re essentially asking how can I be involved in politics. Starting from the ground up, you can vote for the politicians that support this your vendetta against genetically modified fish. Or you can take it one step further, and be invovled in local caucuses. If you’re active enough to get recognized there you can keep climbing the ladder until your voice carries more weight in political matters such as these.

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    I signed the petition here:


    Just spread the word. I really enjoyed the movie The Future of Food concerning GMO’s.

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    What are your reasons for being anti GMO? There is a lot of misconception and misunderstanding of GMO as a result of media scaremongering. I am a dedicated conservationist and I am also pro GMO. It is definitely a topic well worth debating, here are my reasons for being pro:

    Genetically engineered species are infertile / sterile. They pose no risk to wild populations, and the risk of horizontal gene transfer is eliminated. If an individual or group of individuals was to escape, they would live for the remainder of their life span and then die. They would not reproduce, they do not eat more food than engineered salmon.

     Eating genetically engineered food does not pose any risks to human health – conversely, many GM crops may be better for human health as they do not require the application of harmful chemical pesticides. To bring a genetically modified organism to the discussion table for commercial farming and human consumption requires years of intensive research, external criticisms of data and testing. The few ‘classic’ examples of GM food which was deemed unsafe for human consumption were still within the testing stage, were found to be potentially unsafe very early within research, and were thus abandoned.


    That said, it is a controversial issue and I above and beyond believe that people have the right to choice, which is only possible through awareness and proper labelling. Petition supermarkets directly, suppliers and local councils. That’s how I get my concerns for non-sustainable fish products heard!!

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