What can I do to help out on Earth Day?


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    Use as little energy as possible.  Try to keep your lights off.  Don’t even think about stepping foot in your car, eat only locally grown, organic food, and get outside!  EARTH DAY is about ENJOYING EARTH!  go to a park!  go to the ocean or a river if you live by one.  

    Earth Day doesn’t have to be a chore.  make it fun for yourself.  Get closer to the planet. 

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    There is a Greek proverb that goes something like “a society grows great when old men plant trees that they will never know the shade of”. While this may be true, it also speaks to a lack of forsight amongst youth. Its a powerful notion to be able to be help shape the world that you want to inherit. I think Earth Day is a great time to start creating the world that you want to live in or that you would want the next generation to call home. Whether that be world in which we live on the oceans and make energy from the sea or any other such idea, we have to start somewhere and there is no better way to celebrate the Earth than to begin to create a life that restores a bit of the balance that has been lost. And I have learned that this dream-life doesn’t just appear, we have to craft it.

      Just think how great a society would be when the young have finally learned to plant trees for themselves and the old and wise can move on to something even more profoundly simple.

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      Thanks for your words, Lunafish. It’s inspiring to imagine the “dream-life” you speak of — even more so to know that there are people out there who are genuinely involved in bringing it about.

      If my calendar’s right, you and I are nearing the ends of our internships. I have enjoyed reading your thoroughly articulated contributions here and have admired your passion for growing closer to the earth as a means to sustainability. Keep influencing the tides of us terrafish.

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      Indeed my time on GreenAnswers is coming to a close. It certainly has been interesting to see what kinds of questions are on people’s minds since I live quite removed from the popular culture–on a small sustainability research center in southern Washington where we are working out community level solutions for provisioning food, energy and water for folks living primarily in a rural context. Yes, the life is inspiring for me too, and I am thankful everyday that I can fall alseep to the frogs and wake up with the sun. And I am thankful too that the joy this life brings me has positive influences on others. You might find some of the work are doing interesting–you can check out our website http://windward.org/.

      As a side note, the name lunafish comes from one of our sheep who was born on the full mooon last spring and loves to jump and looks like a fish jumping out of water when she practices. If you haven’t spent much time around sheep or goats, and even have the slightest affinity towards animals, I highly recommend it.

      But what I have found most rewarding about this internship is reading all the interns responses, including yours. Your interest in ocean dwelling–(somehow I got this notion from reading one of your answers early on) reminds me much of one of the people that I work/live with and actually was the inspiration for starting Windward (the research cooperative) some 30odd years ago.

      Thanks for the kind words, and I hope life after GreenAnswers treats you well. I do really hope that you are able to make it up the trail on the Olympic Peninsula soon! I’ve never been out there and as a relatively recent west coaster, its been on my list, but just hasn’t happen yet. Anyway, its a rainy and cool out so I am putting off going outside, but I really should get to transplanting that kale.

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    Earth Day is a great opportunity to become educated on sustainability and what your community has to offer.  Many cities are planning Earth Day celebrations and symposiums where you can find out about suppliers of green products and organizations active in your community that you may not have been familiar with before, and have fun at the same time.

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    My answer would be plant some trees and recycle or maybe even make a composter.

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      Thanks, Snakeman! Do you know if there are any ways to compost while living in an apartment?

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      Thanks Whitefish. And yes. Do you have room for a small garden? If you do you can put leftovers from dinner and garbage let them diterorate in soil then add it to your garden soil. It acts as fertilizer.

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    There are many things you can do to help out the environment on Earth Day. You also will be happy to know that you can do small things and make a really big difference. If each person did just one small thing on Earth Day and every day, the environment would heal much quicker. Remember to recylce and use reusable containers for your lunch. Donate to an organization that works to help the environment. Walk, bike, or take public transportation to school or work. Tell your friends and family about the importance of Earth Day. You can make a really big difference in so many small ways!

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    If the above ideas aren’t enough and you are looking for some organized activities, here is a list of the Pacific Southwest that was made by the EPA.


    If you don’t live in this area check your local newspaper for some fun events.  But don’t forget, all the great efforts you can do to save energy and clean beaches aren’t only available on earth day 🙂

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    Ooops! Earth Day passed already, but this can apply for next year.  I bet you already knew this one, but….. SPREAD AWARENESS.  With all the social media networking capabilities, you can get the word out so easily.  When you find activities going on, say what they are and see if people want to join.  I wrote a research article about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch a few years ago, and every year I post it again on facebook.  Each time it draws someone new that hasn’t read it before. 


    Ripple Effect.

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