What can I do to help my muscles recover faster after exercise?



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    The best thing to do is to do a ‘cool down’.  This is where you just hop ona treadmill for 5 or 10 minutes and just walk.  usually you would start at a 4.5 speed, then go down to a 3. then a 2, then 1.5, and then just stop.  This allowes the acids to not build up and will greatly reduce cramping.   Some treadmills actually have a buttom you can press just called ‘cool down’ as well. 

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    Nutrition, rest and massage are also important pieces of muscle recovery. Glucose is the most important for immediate recovery, such as a glass of orange juice, a banana or apple. Protein is important for the repair of muscle tissue in the following hours and days.

    Rest is also very important. If you don’t give your muscles time to rest after a hard workout, then you will be prolonging the recovery and build up of new muscle. Depending on how hard of a work out it is, a good night sleep is usually enough.

    Finally, for intense workouts, deep tissue message can increase the rate of recovery.

    Hope this helps.

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    For athletes, an effective method of treatment for swift muscle recovery has been alternating cold and hot water bath immersion.  This has been documented to speed up the healing process by increasing blood flow and aid tissue recovery.

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