What can I do to help get my senator to pass clean energy legislature in my state?



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    Well first off, calling your Senator’s office and leaving messages with your concerns is one of the most important things you can do.  Encourage your friends and family who agree with you to do the same.  Start a miniature petition in your neighborhood and hand deliver it with some of the other concerned citizens to your Senator’s office.  Unfortunately, if they never see or hear from you personally it often will get ignored.

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    The most direct way to influence your senator’s decisions is to contact him or her. Send a letter to his or her office (all senators have their office mailing address listed on their official websites) detailing clearly what you think he or she should do and, most importantly, WHY.

    If can be very effective to start a letter-writing campaign. Gather other people who want your senator to vote for clean energy legislature, and have them write letters, too.

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    Start off by having a bill, but make it simple, clear and concise so that it won’t get overlooked. Find a sponsor for your bill…someone who is powerful. Get a good lobbyist and form grassroots members who can get public support behind your bill. Educate the public, and start early. If it is possible, make your efforts very public by getting the local news involved. Below goes over these points into greater detail. 

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