What can I do with grocery bags instead of throwing them away?



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    Recycle them and reuse them!

    You will find that you can save money by not buying garbage bin bags, but using grocery bags as garbage bin bags instead. You can also use them to carry your lunch (instead of the paper bag) or just plain old recycle them if the bag is made of paper.

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    Definitely recycle and reuse them. Instead of getting new bags at the store, just take all of the grocery bags you have and use those. Also, using them as garbage bin bags or bags for other items is better than just throwing them away.

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    There’s lots you can do! According to the website cited below, you can make dresses, purses, new grocery bags, totes, rainjackets, earrings, wallets, and other things out of recycled grocery bags. My personal favorite was the “yarn” made out of plastic bags and then knitted into different items. Using different colored bags, you could make some really cool purses that seem like they would be pretty sturdy and water-resistant.

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    I use old grocery bags to pack my lunch in or line my trashcan with(if the bag is plastic). If you want to eliminate using them, purchase canvas grocery bags. That way you won’t have a pile of old grocery bags spilling out of your kitchen cabinets like me.

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    I like to use them when I am cooking. I fold the top down so the handles stay clean and leave it on the counter so that as I am preparing dinner I throw scraps or egg shells or whatever it may be into the bag. Then I can put it directly into the trash so it doesn’t stink up the kitchen. You can also sometimes bring them back to the store to be recycled. The best solution is always to just not get the bags, and if you do need to get bags, get paper when possible.

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