What can I do to “green” thanksgiving?



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    Some ways to “green” your thanksgiving include serving vegan and vegetarian dishes, composting food scraps, using energy efficient appliances to cook and wash dishes, using organic, natural cleaning products, using napkins and silverware made from recyclable or reusable material and recycling all food cartons such as milk containers, paper bags, etc.

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    Also try to minimize food and packaging waste.

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    There are several ways to “green” your Thanksgiving! First, if you aren’t into a vegan or vegetarian menu, serving a free-range organic turkey or chicken is a good option. Also, if you use a Turkey, you can donate your grease to an organization that turns it into biofuel. You can find that most of your food has an organic option, which is a better “green” option than foods with petsicides. Keep your decorations from past years and reuse them instead of buying or creating new ones! Another way to stay green is to make sure that you don’t make too much food. There will be a lot of waste if you make too many servings.

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