What can I do to get factory farms shut down and to spread the word?

I want everyone to know what I know after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals”. How can I make a difference?



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    This is truly an important issue that needs to be addressed as we move into the future and I’m equally concerned as you. It is incredibly difficult to defeat factory farming directly- it is a system that has developed out of capitalism. It stays alive despite its immorality because it allows a small group of people to make tons of profit, and they have a relationship with the federal government that ensures the system continues. They do this by centralizing food production in giant facilities, a system which not only creates dirty and miserable conditions for the animals, but keeps profits in the hands of the few. This is capitalism, and it is a culture we live in. In order to defeat it, we must do so with cultural change if we cannot defeat them with political and legal strength.

    For me, defeating this culture of mass food production is not just about meat but about agriculture. It is a choice we have as consumers to purchase produce and meat from local, sustainable sources. Stop buying cheap, mass-produced meat, its simple! Do research on local, small farms with humane practices. Tell your friends what you’ve learned, and encourage them to join you in your effort to buy from local and small-scale farms. This cultural movement that you and I are a part of is essential if we are to ensure the health and economic well-being of the citizens in this country, not to mention to ensure that the animals we consume are not tortured through their short lives.

    Check out this link to find local food from the Eat Well Guide: http://www.eatwellguide.org/i.php?pd=Home

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