What can I do to encourage my cherry tree to fruit?



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    Apply a layer of fertilizer in early spring. You should use a slow-release fertilizer that has been specially formulated for cherry trees. Cherry trees are very prone to diseases and bacterial infections, so you may wish to use a fertilizer that has extra nutrients to counteract these issues as well.

    Prune the tree in late summer. While most fruit trees are pruned in the winter while they are dormant, cherry trees are extremely susceptible to a disease called Silver Leaf that can take hold in winter months. Instead, prune your cherry tree in the late summer and remove dead growth, unwanted shoots and diseased areas. If you are forced to prune during the growing season, make sure that you use a wound sealer to keep other problems from taking advantage of the tree’s “injury” and getting into the main body of the plant.

    Water your tree only as needed. Cherry trees like moist soil, so if you dig down 3 inches and the soil is still dry, then you need to water the cherry tree and the area around it. Do not use high water pressure or water so heavily that the water sits on top of the soil, as this type of watering can lead to root rot. Instead, set up a hose to water the tree with a slow trickle of water for up to an hour, then examine the soil again to see if it is moist enough.

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