What can I do with combings of dog hair?

My sister’s dog sheds year ’round. Every time he’s brushed or combed, we get handfuls of hair.



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    Most people concerned with recycling and reuse put their left over dog hair combings in their composter. However, there are a couple of other alternatives you can use your dog hair for. One resourceful lady made a cylinder container out of chicken wire, which she place in her garden. She put all the dog hair she collected inside and birds and other animals would take the hair out of the container and use it to build their nests. 

    There was a company that would spin the hair for you. I don’t know why or what for and their link no longer works. An internet search may bring you more information about that, however. 

    Otherwise, you can put the fur in amongst your seedlings to stop slugs and other slimy creatures from eating them because they don’t like the rough surface the fur creates.

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      I like the idea of putting out for the birds to use. I think I’ll try it. I’m sure my sister will be glad to give me all the hair she gets off him! The gardening idea might work too, because I’m probably going to have a small garden myself. I’ll pass it along to my sister too. Thanks a lot! God bless you—and I mean that sincerely.

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    An electrician that once worked on my mother-in-law’s house asked to collect dog hair from our dog.  She used it for arts and crafts; she braided it before she left.  The dog is very fluffy.  I’m not sure what she used it for, but it could perhaps be used to create the mane of a lion or something.

    You might want to make an arts and crafts project out of it, though you could also use it for compost or slug-deterrent, as greenveganyogini posted above.

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    My immediate response would be to make pillows or even a dog bed. Some dogs has such soft and comfy hair.

    The first link is this lady to whom you send money and a bag of hair and she will send you “wearable version of your beloved companion”. Quote is from teh website.. couldn’t help it.. I love the quote.

    Send website will send you yarn after you send them brushings of your pet. The yarn you can use to make anything from hats and scares for yourself or a dog coat (kind of ironic and slightly hilarious).

    Dog hair is called chiengora and it is said to be warmer than wool and easy to care for.

    look up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiengora

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      Clothing made from dog-hair yarn—interesting. I may try that. truthfully, I’d never heard of “chiengora”; it makes perfect sense, though. “Chien” is French for “dog”, and angora—yes, I can see that. I get a charge out of the name, incidentally, because I love word study. No, I’m not a linguist, but I’d like to be.

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      That is awesome. I, too, am a fan of dissecting words. When I was studying for my GRE exam that had a whole section dedicated to words that no one uses anymore, I started learning roots and came to love it. It is so much more effective than memorizing all words. If you just know the roots, you can pick up a lot.

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      So true. I’ve loved word study since I was a little kid. Hi, fellow recycler and word-smith! May the dear Lord God bless you in your endeavors.

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      So true. I’ve loved word study since I was a little kid. Hi, fellow recycler and word-smith! May the dear Lord God bless you in your endeavors.

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