What can I do with burnt-out night-light bulbs (besides throw them away, which seems very wasteful)?

I’ve got the round white 7-1/2-watt, and clear oblong ones.



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    The big issue here is the glass. (And don’t let anyone tell you differently.)

    Buried broken glass can stay razor-sharp for thousands of years — yes thousands.

    The amount of tungsten, mercury and other things used in small amount are completely trivial compared to essentially eternal risk to people and animals. Dispose of the bulb where the glass will be recycled and you’ve solved the major problem.

    Picking a way to dispose depends on your area. In mine, they handle most glass, even broken glass with no problem. (Plate glass is a problem for some places.) Putting a lightbulb in a glass jar with a lid is likely to get proper treatment, since recycling centers often have a human being watching over the sorting process.

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