what can i do as a boater to reduce my environmental impact boating?



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    Besides obvious things like obeying littering and waste discharge laws, here are a few tips:

    • make sure your engine is tuned for maximum efficiency
    • remove oil from the bilge
    • don’t top off your tank when fueling


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    In addition to the suggestions above, if you are traveling across state lines, make sure to be aware of individual state environmental laws concerning boating.  Living near the Nevada/California line, and near Lake Tahoe, I constantly see signs posted on highways for turnoffs for boat inspections.  While these may not be required by all states and/or regions, you should familiarize yourself with invasive species that you might be transporting on your boat or in your engine.  Plants such as the Eurasian Water Milfoil can travel from one lake, river, or stream by way of your boat; this plant grows densely and can out-compete local native plants and animals (including fish) for space and oxygen in the water.  The United States Department of Agriculture has a website (below) dedicated to Invasive Species.  I suggest checking out this website to see what kinds of invasive species might be threatening the area that you boat in frequently, or in an area where you plan to travel and boat.

    happy boating to you!

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