What can I do with all the water bottles that my family use? Something creative?



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    There are plenty of things you can use them for! I have used them as vases for flowers, you can paint them, put sand in them and use them as weights or door stops, store things like climbing chalk or as a dry container when doing water activities. 

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    Some additional things that you can do with them is weave them into baskets or containers, make them into piggy banks, make pop art with them, planters, etc.

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    There are a lot of fun arts and crafts projects for kids. One that my mom did with her students was a treasure hunt in a bottle. Directions: choose 10 small objects (a marble, a lego piece, a button, a penny, etc…) fut a few inches of sand (or bird seed workds well too, expecially for younger kids) in the bottom, put in one or two of your items, cover with a thin layer of sand, repeat these steps until all the objects are burried in the bottle – just make sure the bottle isn’t more than about 2/3 full. Screw the cap of tightly. Then, you tilt the bottle side to side trying to unburry the treasures one by one. Can you find all of them? It keeps kids entertained while on car rides, waiting in line, etc… You can even make it a competition between your kids by timing each kid and seeing who finds all ten objects the quickest. 

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