What can the government do to help grow green business?



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    The government can provide various incentives for consumer demand of green products to grow, as well as providing a way for green businesses to thrive, especially in our current economic state.  The federal government has taken this initiative with the economic stimulus package, also known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which has over $80 million invested in clean energy.  These projects help cut down spending on energy by focusing on renewable energy, making energy efficient federal buildings to cut spending, investing in clean automobile technology and creating jobs within the green industry.

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    I agree.  There have been some successful initiatives thus far put forth by the federal government that have seen people do more act friendly acts.  Cash for Clunkers, a program that gave people rebates for trading in old, inefficient cars for newer ones was a huge success.  Recently President Obama announced he will propose a Cash for Caulkers program, which gives monetary incentives for people who upgrade and retro fit their homes to make them more energy efficient as well.  Programs like these are doing much for green business and should continue.

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