What can businesses do to help the world?



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    Businesses could do more to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility into their practices. This would ensure that they limit the harm they cause to society and the world in general as they pursue profits. Fundamentally, though, businesses will react to the demands of the public, who are potential consumers, because their chief motivation is the pursuit of profit. So, in the end the question should be: what can WE do to encourage businesses to help the world?

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    Businesses can do a large number of things to help the world. Some of the actions that businesses can do is to get all their buildings LEED certified, aim to have zero-waste, use organic ingredients when possible, recycle, install water efficient faucets, utilize natural light whenever possible, make their products 100 percent recyclable, make biodegradable products, and donate a percentage of their profits to environmental organizations dedicated to conservation and preservation of the natural world. Businesses should also be actively involved in their local communities and have community give back days and outreach programs directly aimed at improving the quality of life in the local community.

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    There are many things that businesses can do to help the world. Fundamentally, businesses can invest in the future of their products and clients. One such way of doing this is by manufacturing products and providing services that promote adaptability and upcycling of these products for future advances in technology or evolving needs of the customer. To design products this way takes a great deal of design smarts to anticipate trends and design for a secondary or even tertiary use of the products. Companies can become more responsible for the life of their products — when a product is at the end of its usable life the company can take it back and upgrade or upcycling it into another product. Thus, customers are paying for the service of the product rather than always buying a new product. This also forces companies to design better so that service is more cost effective than building from scratch. This saves resources and encourages greater corporate responsibility to the customer and the environment.

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