What can be learned from tree rings?



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    A tree ring is essentially a layer of wood made during a growing season. You can count the tree rings to guess how hold the tree is. Each true ring has a dark line that is known as the late wood and a light line known as the early wood. Every year, the tree ring has both a ring of the early wood and a late wood. In California, trees add one ring a year. In tropical areas, trees may have more than one ring a year.

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    Tree rings also indicate conditions of drought.  When a drought occurs trees will grow much less.  This is evidenced by narrow growth rings.  Many trees are resilient to low intensity wildfires.  These wildfires will show up in the tree rings as thin rings of carbon, or indentations caused by flames.  Disease outbreaks are also evident when trees that  lived during the same time period and are of the same species are compared.

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