What can be done to support smaller family farms? Or are they doomed to fail against corporate conglomerates like Monsanto?



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    One good way to support small farms is to buy directly from them. Produce delivery services are great for small farms and you benefit from regular deliveries of delicious fruits and veggies. The farmers make more money from this sort of sale then if you bought the same produce in the grocery store. The one I use in Northern California is called Farm Fresh to You and I can modify my shipments if I don’t want to receive a certain veggie.

    Another good way would be to buy from farmers markets. Again the money is going straight to the grower with no middle man. Most of the produce at farmers markets is better than the grocery store delivery because the produce is hand selected for the event. This also gives you an opportunity to talk with the grower and give him feed back about his products and farming methods.

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