What can be done so as to avoid paper wastage




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    There are a few different things you can do to avoid paper wastage. These are:

    – Buy products made from 100% post consumer recycled waste.

    – Sign up online to stop junk mail from being delivered at your home. There are several websites that do this and your name will stay off the junk mail lists for many years.

    – Print stuff out at work and at home using both sides of your paper. Also, if you are printing something out that isn’t official paperwork, print the document on scrap paper or paper that is only printed on one side.

    – When you do get junk mail, keep the blank envelopes that are sent to you. Use them to send mail in the future instead of buying new packs of envelopes. If the envelopes are already addressed, you can easily cover up addresses by simply taping a small piece of scrap paper to the front with the new address on it, or by sticking an address sticker over the top. 

    – Use paper scraps to write notes or shopping lists, etc, instead of buying note pads.

    – Stop buying paper towels and serviettes. Use cloth towels and serviettes and wash them after use. This may use a small amount of water in the wash compared to how much waste and paper that is needed to be used to create more paper towels and serviettes.

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    Many businesses and banks offer paperless billing and instead send you bills through your email. This is an excellent way to reduce the waste of paper.

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    I think one of greenganyogini’s best suggestions is making sure to print on both sides of the paper. It may sound gross, but I get my paper from recycling bins. I retrieve paper that has only been printed on one side. Another thing to do is to make the best use of technology: keep your calendar and to-do lists on the computer or phone.

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