What can be done to save the Rhino from extinction?



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    In order to stop the extinction of Rhinos, there has to be an end to poaching and habitat destruction. However, until then, stricter laws enforcing the ban on the illegal trade of Rhino parts can help combat the extinction of the Rhino. In addition, the establishment of protection zones and sanctuaries for these animals can help reduce the numbers being killed.

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    To save the rhinos from extinction; people have to learn that rhino horns are not used for medication! Scientific studies have found out that rhino horns do not have any medical purposes for anyone at all. Their horns have been used for many centuries to cure cancer, fever, pain and arthritis, which is all false! 

    People should gain public awareness to learn that rhinos cannot be poached. People should restrict hunting season. The governments should make hunting expensive so that way people can’t afford to poach. You should join campigns and foundations that have been supporting rhino’s fight for survival. We should also learn how to take care of the environment, because pollutions are destroying their habitat. 

    The more you raise awareness of the rhinos the more you can help save them. We all have an opportunity to get involved! 

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