What can be done to protect the white rhino?



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    The white rhino is actually the least endangered of the rhino species, however, there was originally two subspecies and only one is still viable, the Souther white rhino.  The Northern white rhino is believed to be extinct due to poaching. 

    People can help by raising money for Rhino Conservation, as there is a cost to run conservation programs.  Schools or communities can host fundraising events. 

    There is a search engine from Yahoo – goodsearch.com that donates 1 penny for every search to the International Rhino Foundation.  There is also goddshop.com which donates up to 37% of each purchase to your favorite cause.

    Poaching is the primary threat to rhinos.  Rhinos in Africa nad Asia are slaughtered for their horns, which are used in China as traditional medicine and in the Middle East to make cermonial daggers.  Rhinio horn is also traded throughout the world on the black market.  Because of this, everyone must be careful about what they purchase to make sure they are not contributing to the problem. 

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    Valkyrie’s suggestions are great; the only thing I would add is that protecting habitat is huge for any endangered species, including the white rhino.  As developments move into the rhino’s habitat they are forced to go somewhere else.

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    In 2008, a type of cloning was suggested as a method to preserve the white rhino, which is one of the rarest animals in the world. The Institute for Breeding Rare and Endangered African Mammals is working towards a way to clone the white rhino without using typical cloning methods. Instead of the method used to clone Dolly the sheep more than a decade ago, scientists are looking into a Japanese method that turns adult cells such as skin cells into embryonic-like cells. To preserve the white rhino, embryonic cells taken from one in captivity would be mixed with the southern white rhino (a close cousin). The embryo would not be a clone; instead, it would be a ‘chimera’ since it was created from mixed cells. The offspring that would resulted could possibly then produce sperm and eggs of the white rhino.

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