What can be done to protect Reindeer in the wild?



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    There is a petition currently being sent around asking that an Artic nature reserve be set up that bans poaching and oil drilling to protect current reindeer populations.  Reindeer and Caribou need safe areas to migrate for grazing and both development and climate change are affecting their numbers.  So along with asking for protected reserves, we can help by having well thought out planning that accomodates future development and protects animal populations.

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    The reindeer, also called caribou, is listed on the IUCN Redlist as a species of least concern, as its numbers seem to be doing relatively well and have achieved stability. However, there are a few threats that could destabilize the population, so keeping a careful eye on these issues could help protect them. First and foremost is the sheer amount of land needed for their migratory patterns. As another respondent mentioned, protecting land that is used by the reindeer would be a great step forward to protecting them as well as other species living in the far north. Poaching is also an issue, especially in Russia, so addressing the motives behind poaching would be an important step. Finally, keeping disease in check amongst wild populations is also important, as they are a herd species and disease can spread quickly.

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