what can be done with old carpet



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    There are many things that can be done with old carpet, depending on the state of it and also what needs you have. Even if you don’t have anything that would require you using old carpet, ask around your friends and family. You never know who could find old carpet useful for the multitude of things we do daily. 

    Here are a few ways of reusing old carpet around the house, for example:

    – Do your washer and dryer make a lot of noise? Are they placed directly on a tile or wooden floor? Why not place pieces of old carpet under the feet and dampen the noise?

    – Use a piece of old carpet to clean screen windows and doors. Dip the carpet into water and soap, then rub the carpet over the screen. It should remove a majority of the dirt, dust and anything else that has built up on the screen over time. This won’t work if your carpet is particularly dirty. 

    – Do you have pets? Use pieces of carpet as dog/ cat beds or even as scratching posts. 

    Click on the link to find out more ways of reusing old carpet.

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    Though abovae all the tips are very helpful and interesting the use of old carpet but I think that we can make the old carpet look like as a new with best cleaning service. Once I have taken the help of restoration resource cleaning portal for getting the carpet cleaning information and got the best suggestion to make my carpet newly.


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    Really all the tips and suggestions are very useful and effective. I think for the long life of the Carpet it requires special care. carpets have to be vacuum cleaned regularly during rainy season to keep not only dirt but also moisture away. Carpet are to kept in a dry place to avoid damage from moisture ad insect infestation. Washable acrylic carpets can be used in the rainy season as they will dry fast.

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    Thanks for sharing the good piece of information. These solutions are very effective and useful. Though the old carpet can be looking more attractive just by cleaning process or with the professional cleaning process you can me your carpet as new and beautiful.


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