What can be done to make my local electric company use more renewable sources of energy?

I would love to know that the electricity in my home came from renewable sources. My local electric company apparently doesn’t care, or is under no pressure to change. They don’t publish percentages from renewable sources. I have no choice in the matter. I can’t change utility companies.



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    New federal regulations are requiring energy companies to come up with renewable sources. Plus, everyone has an interest in the economic benefits of renewable energy. So don’t assume things aren’t changing. Perhaps projects are in the works. Try doing some local research through the internet on your power company. California has been in an energy crisis for some time and quite recently it was revealed that a new project in the area is going to provide a substantial source of renewable solar energy. Such projects take time, permits, money, etc, so you may not see the results of such efforts right away though they might be in the works. 

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    I would also recommend contacting you electric company and asking questions. You may not be able to single-handedly change what energy sources they use, but it’s possible you could get them to post their sources if you are insistent enough.

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