What can be done with the land on a coal power plant site once the plant is decommissioned?



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    Once the coal plant is decommissioned, the building and land it sits on can be used just as any other piece of real estate. The coal plant can be torn down, and anything the zoning permits can be built there.

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    Unfortunately the answer is, it depends. Just as Spiderplant hit upon whatever the zoning permits. Since the question was about a Coal Plant, there are logistics about any coal plant that will likely affect the zoning.

    1) Often coal plants were built nearby to railroad tracks for the coal delivery. The railyard into the plant may be able to be taken up and filled in, but the primary tracks will likely still be there are part of the rail system for that region. Most of the plants I’ve driven by, the primary tracks are a 9-Iron shot from the plant itself.

    2) Plants were often built nearby to large water supplies (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc) and had inlet and outlet water pipes. Inlets to provide water for the steam generation and the outlet pipe besides putting out the used water from the plant was often used to shed ground water away (the whole water and electricity don’t mix thing). The inlet pipes will generally be sealed off, but the outlets are generally still there to keep the ground from flooding to get near electric transmission areas.

    3) Plants almost always have a Substation (or more depending on how much power it generated). The unsightly stacks and the buildings can be dismantled, but the substations will almost always stay in place as part of the electrical transmission system. It is generally still a pass thru point for the windfarms or other power sources to use to get the electricity to our homes and businesses. Those high voltage lines to these substations tend to be closer to the ground, seems like less than 10meters.

    I’m not sure if there are any pollutants that get left in the ground from the plant to add into the equation. The other stuff is easily seen.

    What the regulations are for how close to high power lines you can construct anything, how close to a substation you can dig, how near a railroad track you can be, blah blah blah

    All that criteria will limit how much the land can be reused.

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