What can be done to ease muscle tension and twitching. Mainly rt shoulder and arm.

I have been clenching and grinding my teeth on the right side of my mouth over a year now. I don’t have TMJ but, I noticed that my right side is much tighter than my left. Now I’m having this twitching thing in my right tricep. I’ve been told this all stress related. How can I get the muscles to relax and stop twitching.



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    Typically, muscle spasms are caused from a vitamin imbalance, primarily lack of potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  Increasing your vitamin intake and reassessing your diet to include bananas, a high source of potassium and a known treatment of muscle spasms, can help alleviate symptoms.  Gently massage and stretch your arm along with alternating cold compresses, for pain and to reduce inflammation and warm compresses, to increase circulation and loosen muscles.  Never leave a compresses on for more than 20 mins and never place compresses directly on the skin without a towel, etc.  If the tension and spasm is long lasting you should see a doctor as there could be a more serious, underlying condition requiring medication   

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