What is California’s global warming law?



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    There is a law going into effect, the Global Warming Solutions Act or AB 32, that will force California businesses to cut greenhouse emissions by 25%. This will have impacts on jobs, in that 1.1 million will be lost. However the upturn is that there will be greater investments in clean energy/renewable energy and a relatively smaller number of added jobs.

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    AB 32, which was signed into law in 2006. It mandates the California Air Resources Board to enforce regulatory and market strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Market strategies such as emissions cap and trading among the high emitting industrial and commercial entities and other regulatory mandates should be in effect by early 2012. But the law has faced a lot of criticism and resistance since inception because of the ongoing state budgetary problems, recession, high unemployment rates, etc…

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