What is a caecilian?



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    A caecilian is a type of amphibian that is similar in appearance to an earthworm or a snake. They can be as large as 4 feet in length and are typically dark-skinned. With no limbs and a strong skull, they live in the ground, burrowing in and out of the soil. Needing tropical, wet conditions to live, Caecilians are found in much of South America, parts of Africa and parts of southeast Asia. They eat insects, though little of their diet is known.

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    Caecilians are a legless and tailless tropical amphibian that look like an eel or an earthworm that contains jaws and teeth. Their eyes do pretty much nothing, however they do have a groove on either side of their head that contains a retractable sensory tentacle. Caecilians eat insect larva, termites and even earthworms found in the swampy places they live. So where do they live? Caecilians are found on four continents in their terrestrial forms and have at least one fully aquatic sub-family that lives in South America. They can be found in swampy places in tropical areas of the world and are no known species in Europe, North America, Australia, Madagascar and Antarctica. They typically live for about five to 20 years, their eggs hatch inside the mothers and live there until their maturity.

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