What is c-max enregi?



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    The C-Max Enregi is project of Ford which is expected to hit the market in 2013. Like the Chevy Volt the car will run on only electric charge to a speed of up to 70 kmh for an estimated distance of 500 miles, after which fuel injection will begin. However unlike the Chevy Volt the Enregi has an electric-gas blended  option from the point of acceleration to travel at any speed. To switch to complete electric power the driver need but press a button.

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    The C-Max Energi is a new Ford that is set to be released to consumers in 2013. It is said to have a better MPGe rating than the plug-in Prius.  Because of the batteries, the amount of cargo space has been decreased.  This information was just released on December 14th, so I would expect more and more facts and figures to come out in the near future. 

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    So far, it is just a concept car. I think it would be really cool to see it happen, but I’m not holding my breath. mcoffey‘s link mentioned that it is low on cargo space. So, it might be a good car to have if you frequently take long weekend trips. However, I would personally prefer to take the train for long commutes over 100 miles. Actually, I already do that when I visit my parents and I get to read the whole time!

    As for getting the right electric car for you, I think you should take your own needs into account rather than what the auto manufacturers think you want. By building you own electric vehicle, you can have as much cargo space as you want.

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