What is burning man, and is it bad for the environment?



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    Burning Man is an annual event that sets up a temporary community dedicated to radical self-reliance and self-expression. This year Burning Man will take place in the Black Rock Desert the week prior to Labour Day. The event includes music, art, and other forms of self-expression. The Burning Man community is committed to limiting their environmental impact as much as possible. Although there are no trash containers at the campsites, participants are strongly encouraged to adopt the Leave No Trace Behind mind-set and take everything that they brought with them back home.

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    Burning Man is bad for the environment in that it is a single gathering place for the entire country, and so a lot of fossil fuels are consumed in transportation for people to get to and from the event. The festival has made some efforts in recent years to use biofuels in generators, complete environmental assessments, calculate carbon footprint. etc. Check out the link below for more information.

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