What is buckypaper?



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    Buckypaper is a material that is composed of carbon nanotubes.  It’s name originates from the full name of Buckminsterfullerene (Carbon 60).  Buckypaper’s molecular bonds are twice as strong as the carbon bonds that give diamond’s their strength.  Buckypaper also has many possible future applications, primarily in the semi-conducter and electronics industries due its small size and ability to act as a heat sink.

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    Buckypaper is made from carbon nanotubes. It’s very strong, 10x lighter than steel but 250x stronger, and it’s highly conductive of heat and electricity. It’s name comes from Buckminsterfullerene. It can be used for TV and computer screens, electronics, and the exterior of airplanes

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    Buckypaper is a thin sheet made from an aggregate of carbon nanotubes. The nanotubes are approximately 50,000 times thinner than a human hair. It has been studied by several research groups showing promise as an armor in vehicle armor, personal armor, and next generation electronics. Buckypaper is /10 the weight yet potentially 500 time stronger than steel when its sheets are stacked to form a composite. 


    There have been several potential uses for buckypaper that is being researched:

    1. Fire protection

    2. Illuminate computer and television screens

    3. heat sinks to allow electronic equipment to disperse heat more efficiently than is currently possible

    4. protect electronic circuits and devices within airplanes from electromagnetic interference.


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