What is the brightest star that we can see?



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    The brightest star that is visible to us is the sun, which is 91 million miles away from earth, and has a diameter of 870,000 miles!

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    Other than the sun, the brightest star we can see is Sirius, with a magnitude of -1.46. The following is a list of the 10 brightest stars:

    Sirius (-1.46)
    Canopus (-0.72)
    Alpha Centauri (-0.27)
    Arcturus (-0.04)
    Vega (0.03)
    Capella (0.08)
    Rigel (0.12)
    Procyon (0.38)
    Achernar (0.46)
    Betelgeuse (0.50)

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